Tips for a #boudoir at home. // Photography by #JeanieMicheel // Featured on #BoudoirCollective

Photography by Jeanie Micheel

Are you in the mood for an outdoor boudoir session but the weather conditions suggest an indoor session instead? Don't worry! You don't need a perfect studio space to photograph a stunning session indoors or to have your intimate photographs taken.

I prefer a simple setup to focus purely on my beautiful model or clients personality. All you need for breathtaking photographs is a bright and airy room. It doesn't even have to be a big space. A small corner in your home will do just as well. Make sure you have at least one window that lets in beautiful light and you are set. If you prefer, get rid of unnecessary clutter laying around or pay attention that the decoration of the room fits your style of session.

Tips for a #boudoir at home. // Photography by #JeanieMicheel // Featured on #BoudoirCollective

Are you planning a lovely and intimate session with lingerie in pastel colors or do you prefer a sexy boudoir shoot in black lace? I love white walls. They are like a canvas and you can visualize any kind of mood with a clean backdrop. Furthermore, white walls reflect the daylight to help you expose, as a photographer. Of course, any other bright wall color you may find in your home will do fine just as well.

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Less is more. For an indoor session, I love focusing purely on my subjects personality. To accentuate the expression of your face, the movement of your body, the emotion in your eyes, I suggest simple tools as a stool or chair to pose on, an armchair or sofa to sit on (view Jose Villas featured boudoir shoot) or a beautiful bed or even just a mattress to lay on (have you seen our latest featured story STILLNESS by Michael and Carina Photography? Windows and a bed are all you need for a stunning boudoir session).

My tip for photographers: Make sure to bring the best lens for the available space indoors.

Tips for a #boudoir at home. Photography by #JeanieMicheel // Featured on #BoudoirCollective

Feel free to describe your perfect indoor boudoir location in the comment section. We can't wait to read your inspiration!

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