Sporty Beach Boudoir

Today we are sharing something different and refreshing. So often we feel required to have a soft, delicate, romantic session with dainty details and the oldest French lace available. While this can be truly stunning, we also want to share with you all that beauty comes in all different kinds. Strength is beautiful. Nature is desirable. This session by Carito Photography embodies a seldom seen side of fine art boudoir, and we are so grateful she chose to share it with us, and with all of you! She let us in on a few details of the shoot:

Simple & strong, that was the vision I had for this session. Being inspired by the flats of the German North, the kilometres of sandy beaches and the endless ocean, I wanted to leave the props, the lace, the romantic details behind and create something different. Something strong and wild like the winds, something a moody like the ocean and something clean and crisp like the simple lines of the landscape. Christina was perfect for the session. A strong personality, a beautiful sportive body and a girl who’s in her element among the waves. Together we created a sporty beach boudoir that shows Christina's beautiful body, her strong personality and glimpses of her sensual side. To bring in new elements we chose a lot of graphic details like the striped bathing suit and a rather unorthodox choice of location when you can have a sandy beach.

We also asked her to explain what fine art boudoir means to her, and we really love what she said:

Fine art boudoir is a journey of discovery. For the model it means experiencing her body, her femininity and her sensual side in a new way through images. For the photographer it's a journey towards this other person and towards her own creativity. Together they surround each other like in a dance. And if the moment and the connection is right, they find each other in the middle. That's where my favourite images are created. This dance needs time, trust and preparation… something that can’t be established in a mass business. It means taking care and being fully present when creating. It means having a genuine interest in the person on the other side of the lens and the will to create something extraordinary. That’s fine art boudoir photography for me.

Photography: Carito Photography // Bathing Suit: ASOS // Location: Sylt, Germany