boudoir-collective-fine-art-boudoir-blog-and-magazine-christin-buschold-photographie-4Embrace. It is defined as:

accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.

Willingly, and enthusiastically. Not just passively or reluctantly. To accept yourself enthusiastically. Why NOT be enthusiastic about ourselves? About our bodies, our ways of showing love, our relationships, our femininity. To embrace is to fully love yourself, and to understand that although you are not perfect, you should be EXCITED to be you.

Christin Buschold Photographie shared with us this lovely collection of images, where we get to see a beautiful woman finally learn to love herself. Boudoir has such healing powers, teaching love, acceptance, an unconditional beauty.

Today, we give you the permission to finally embrace yourself.

What is your approach to boudoir photography?

For me is photographing organic emotion, passion, and sensibility. I want to show women as they authentically are, and to feel as if we've known each other forever. I want to show them how beautiful they are, despite blemish or scar. With a calm demeanor, professional styling, and minimal posing, I want to create beautiful photographs for eternity.

Boudoir imagery is powerful. How do you see it positively impacting women?

I find it not only strengthens self awareness, but also helps to learn to love yourself. To learn your body, and to feel it well, and to accept yourself as-is.

Reflecting on this session, what were some of the most memorable moments?

From the client - The session has given me more confidence, and made me feel feminine and pretty, despite my blemishes, because boudoir is a very stylish and sensitive way to be able to be sexy and feel so well without showing too much skin. It was exciting to see my conversion, after my hair and makeup were done, and wearing such a beautiful outfit helped me to feel true to my personality in these images. I am a very quiet and reserved person. In these images, I can see for the first time on the outside as I often feel inside - still, sensual and yet a little bit sexy.

Photography: Christin Buschold Photographie // Styling: Kahrein Calupka