The time leading up to the wedding day can be a stressful period for many brides. There are so many logistics to consider, decisions to be made and emotions to sort through that many of us forget to stop and enjoy just being engaged. What better way to hit pause on the planning than to book yourself a sensual bridal boudoir?

Sandra of Libertina Fotografie encourages brides to book a session before their wedding as a way to capture the glow surrounding them during wedding preparations. It is a moment away from the planning to celebrate yourself and your love as you are about to step into a new phase of life. She explains:

This time is for many women a moment to think about their femininity and beauty. There is often a particularly positive feeling about yourself that I want to capture and preserve. To me, it is especially important to capture the sensuality of a woman in a timeless style for a bridal boudoir. I do not want to follow trends here. I want it to be artful and to create easy, carefree and natural looking images.

And once the wedding is over and you’re settling into new routines, or maybe a few years down the road when you need a glimpse of yourself from before you made this commitment, or even down the line when you can't remember what it felt like before you were married, you can pull out your bridal boudoir. It will be a timeless reminder of the love you felt leading up to your wedding, not only for your future husband but also for yourself. We hope it will remind you of the feelings of joy and celebration you felt during your engagement!

Photographer: Libertina Fotografie // Hair & Makeup: Jula Höpfner