Reflection in Lingerie

Today's feature by Crystal Huber Photography has us screaming "YES" from our desks! This beautiful woman, Marie, allowed herself to take some time off. We have been trying to hit this point home for so long, and we love to hear it from another one's point of view! We will let Crystal tell the story, as we love what she said so much!

"Marie is a sweet, intelligent, naturally stunning woman who works full-time, goes to school and is the mother of a darling five-year-old boy. From the minute I spoke with her I knew what I wanted to achieve from this session.

"Sometimes as women we lose ourselves in the everyday mundane tasks that comes with being an adult, partner and mother. We slowly forget what makes us happy, what makes us feel alive, special or sexy, and essentially what makes us us. The thing we forget is that our spouses and children would actually benefit if we took some times to ourselves once in a while to really reflect and get reminded of who we were/are as women. This what I wanted for Marie.

"We chose to do a Styled Session where I took care of everything from hair & make-up, to location and wardrobe. Marie was able to just come, relax, get pampered and thoroughly enjoy some "me-time". We had so much fun, and I truly hope she gained sometime more from the session than just beautiful photographs."

Marie was kind enough to offer some words about her experience in front of the camera as well.

"This boudoir shoot was a fun, unexpected, but exhilarating experience. I encourage other women to do a boudoir session for themselves because it gives them the opportunity to let loose, explore themselves, and most importantly, feel sexy! This experience instilled in me a lot of confidence that I thought I’d lost; I know it has the potential to make any woman feel fearless and unleash her full potential of femininity."

Photography: Crystal Huber Photography // Make-up & Hair: Crystal Huber Makeup // Film Lab: TheFINDlab // Wardrobe: Nordstrom