Photography by #GracieBluePhotography // Featured on #BoudoirCollective This past year has been an incredible journey of growth and learning. When I soft-launched Boudoir Collective in the Spring, I didn't have my feet firmly planted on the ground. Admittedly, I wasn't completely sure of which path I wanted the site to take. I knew I wanted to show the work of artists that I greatly admired, but I also wanted the site to be filled with intentional and inspiring content. It took some deep digging and a fantastic trip to the Making Things Happen Intensive to help me center on the core of the site. This time of exploration allowed me to connect and understand women better than I ever had before. To hear their stories, their courage, and at times, their innermost fears, was a truly rewarding experience.

In the beginning, I wasn't prepared to answer to any aversions some readers might have about boudoir photography. While most people in the industry welcomed me excitedly and with open arms, others didn't quite understand.

“What are you doing?”, “What’s boudoir?”, “Is that like soft-porn?”, they asked.

That is exactly why I'm here. Boudoir Collective is the first publication solely invested in reinventing the way boudoir imagery is often portrayed featuring artists that are passionate about their craft and our mission. We are a place of community where enlightenment, authentic work, and meaningful stories are at our core.

Today I am strong, determined and more excited than ever to bring the Boudoir Collective brand and mission to you. Over the next couple of weeks I will be introducing you to our amazing contributors and how they'll be collaborating with us on this journey.

Tomorrow, straight from Germany, Jeanie Micheel.