Natural Intimacy

Any advocate for finding self worth and self love is a friend of ours. Stephanie of Stephanie Franzesko Photography allowed us a glimpse into Jael's own journey, and we are hoping this inspires more women out there with their own quirks to begin to see how others see you: beautiful, strong, and priceless. Stephanie offered us a few words into her inspiration behind documenting Jael's story, and we absolutely love it.
There is a special time, where a girl allows her viewer a glimpse into another spherical dimension, into her own bubble of intimacy, where she is truly the women she wants to be. Where she is free of judgments others put on her, just a wonderful human soul with an aura that drags you into a romantic dream. A space where there is no one else allowed, just you and her, sharing a moment of silence, sensitivity, and pure joy. A moment of pure human beauty.
Stephanie loves naturalness and wants women to see that they can be unique without being "perfectly styled." For example, Jael's freckles are so special, and they bring out such a different, unique look that she should be celebrated for! Mostly though, she wants to help women find a sense of security, and to learn to see their own uniqueness.
We love these peeks into real stories, and we hope to hear more and more as these days go on! Share yours with us, here.
Photography: Stephanie Franzesko Photography // Model: Jael // Lingerie: Fransk Dessous