Boudoir Collective Fine Art Boudoir Blog Lubbock Boudoir Photographer Katie Rivera Fine art boudoir exists to help women see their worth. To embrace their femininity, romance, and the perfect body they have lived and conquered life in. It's a natural response to be nervous at first, with it being outside of most comfort zones, but once that line is crossed from nervous and reserved to comfortable and confident, the magic HAPPENS.

Katie Rivera Photo has such a fabulous approach behind boudoir photography, how she uses film to tell these women's stories, and what it all means to her. Read on to get to know her a little better, and to see why we LOVE her work, and everything about this sweet session of minimalism.

Reflecting on this session, what were some of the most memorable moments?

Although she was cold and without a blanket or comfy bed to lounge on, the moment I began to play music she was captivating! There is a moment in every boudoir session where she drops all of her insecurities she may have had in the beginning and begins enjoying being completely confident.

What is your approach to boudoir photography?

As a photographer, I love seeing their emotions of Boudoir transition from naturally being a little uncomfortable to enjoyment! My approach to photography aims to result in photographs that capture the natural beauty. In order to achieve this I look for minimalism, details of femininity, and romanticism.

What challenges, if any, have you faced as an artist?

I often face the challenge of clients limiting their hopes they have for Boudoir photography to Pinterest. Sometimes this can limit my creativity when I am asked to emulate a certain look or photograph. I try to encourage that they should embrace their unique identity and allow me capture them in way that I feel is timeless instead of trendy.

What do you consider the difference between boudoir and fine art boudoir?

Fine art boudoir I believe has a strong sense of timeless romanticism. Using film as a tool to photograph fine art boudoir gives an element of tangible truth behind every woman's beauty.

Outside of photography, what other sources do you draw inspiration from?

Painters; I love seeing paintings that have a story of movement, where you can almost imagine every movement and emotion of the artist during their process.

Photography: Katie Rivera Photo // Film Lab: The FindLab // Floral and Styling: Candelaria Designs