tlucas_0001 Since we were kids we’ve enjoyed exploring deep into the woods, keeping an eye out for hidden spots that let us hide out from the world. There is something magical about getting lost in the greenery with the sunlight shining through. This outdoor boudoir session from Thomas Lucas Photography captures that magic in an almost tangible way. We hope you enjoy this short escape into nature and the inspiring advice that accompanies it!









What inspired this boudoir session?

I've always wanted to do an outdoors boudoir shoot to get away from doing my normal bedroom sessions. There's something to being outside with nature and being exposed that is sometimes hard to capture in the bedroom. It's a sort of freedom.

Before a shoot, waves of inspiration are flooding my mind and I am able to see every image clearly. During a shoot, at times, all of the inspiration will disappear and it isn't until my last few frames that it all comes back to me and I make those shots count.

Tell us why the shoot took place in this location?

Jessica I hadn't done a photoshoot together in a while, so I asked her if she'd like to do a boudoir session in the woods. The original location I thought of just didn't have the scenery I was looking for so I jogged my memory for locations I had used in the past but haven't used in some time.

On the day of the shoot, I still hadn't produced a location. While driving around just hours before it was scheduled, I remembered of place I had used years earlier for my first model shoot. It's an old drainage ditch next to a local cemetery full of kudzu and abandoned Civil War train tracks. I knew that it would be the spot.

As I waited for her to arrive, I investigated the location. The path leading down was completely overgrown with kudzu and poison ivy littered the ground. When she arrived, we found a clear enough path and upon reaching the bottom of the steep hill she was in awe of how gorgeous the location was, snapping pictures with her phone to document it.






What was the most memorable moment from your shoot?

Jessica is extremely easy to work with being that she is a fire dancer and understands how her body moves and looks. The only guidance given was where to stand and where to head to next. Normally I'm always the one in charge of which spots to shoot in and where and how to pose, but for this particular session I gave full reigns over to the girl. Letting her decide what she wanted for the shot and then have me make sure it looked good. It was nice for a change, not having to give complete direction.

What is your approach to boudoir photography?

Relax and respect. If someone comes to you asking to do a boudoir session, feel honored and humble yourself because that person trusts you and sees the potential you have. Leave the room. Whether it's one outfit, multiple, or nothing I always leave the room each time because they and yourself will benefit with calming your nerves. Even if they've insisted that it doesn't matter since you're about to see them with nearly nothing on, I still leave the room otherwise there is an unsettling vibe that doesn't leave the room.

Outside of photography, what other sources do you draw inspiration from?

One of my main sources is viewing the Czech Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha. His images of the female form shows elegance, sophistication, and innocence.







Photography: Thomas Lucas Photography // Film Lab: Indie Film Lab