View More: We love the history that this series provides. Nicole Schiessl Fotografie captured the classic style to Greek sculpture in this incredible editorial, thought-provoking session from the Boheme Workshop, taking place in Santorini, Greece. The key parts to this unique idea is the emphasis on the perfect human form, utilizing the Golden Ratio, creating the feeling of being lost in one's own mind, having profound thoughts that are difficult to share, and the idea of creating more natural looking stances for statues, to create the appearance of weight and movement. The simplicity behind these images, paired with the intention behind every movement makes this session a true gem.

Reflecting on this session, what were some of the most memorable moments?

When I took my first picture of Veronica while she was standing next to the wall in her simple white silk kimono it sent shivers down my spine because she looked so stunning.

What is your approach to boudoir photography?

My approach is very simple and natural. I want to capture the woman as herself and have her feeling comfortable and self confident during the session.

Boudoir imagery is powerful. How do you see it positively impacting women?

In my opinion boudoir photography or doing a boudoir photo session is something that every woman should do for herself from time to time. Picking the right photographer who makes the client comfortable in front of the camera and as a result getting beautiful, sensual pictures could cause a massive boost of confidence. I love it to be the one my clients give their trust to and to bring out their inner beauty.

What do you consider the difference between boudoir and fine art boudoir?

I think the difference between boudoir and fine art boudoir is very significant and everyone will see it at the very first glance. Fine art boudoir is not obtrusive it's more subtile and sensual. Also it isn’t about pushing the women to be sexy or showing her in suggestively poses.

Nicole really pushes us to feel inspired while creating art, thinking of what inspired fine artists in historical ages to push the limits of their own art. It was a large, controversial idea to explore the human body the way the Greeks did, but it changed the art world forever.

Let's do this with our own art.

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Photography: Nicole Schiessl - Fotografie // Workshop: Boheme Workshos // Creative Direction Tahnee Sanders // Florals: Celsia Floral // Planning: Stella and Moscha // MUAH: Frantzeska Makeup & Hair // Model: New Model Agency // Gown: Lady Evelyn | Venue: Sophia Luxury Suites