Touch. One of the most intimate senses we experience and share with others. Just one touch can reveal all intentions, all emotions, and can truly heal. This session by Denice Lachapelle Photography has inspired us to utilize this language a little more. Denise told us a little bit about her thoughts behind this session and boudoir photography in general:

I love to capture emotion, touch, and sensuality. It's hard to explain what goes through my mind and what I feel when I shoot boudoir. I'm very intuitive and I tend to only capture what feels right. I take my time in getting to know my subject and how well a pose or direction may lead her to what I am trying to achieve. While I was shooting, I kept thinking about touch and I wanted to be able to capture that. I also wanted to capture a sense of sensuality in a simplistic way without any distractions. I'd like to think that with Fine Art Boudoir, the responsibility lies on creating intentional art. Intentional, thought provoking, emotive art.

Photography: Denice Lachapelle Photography // Vintage Christian Dior Romper: Gossamer