jessecacoppedge_0025 We here at Boudoir Collective love everything to do with nature. We draw most of our inspiration from the outdoors for the organic perfection, and effortless beauty. It's what we strive for in ourselves. It is rare to see nature as such a large part of a session, and we rejoice in the fact that the desert gives as much inspiration as the lush forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Such a lovely collection today by Jesseca Coppedge Photography of a beautiful bride, celebrating this season of joy and romance with all of her meaningful pieces to show how much he truly means to her. Let's be more organic in our day-to-day lives!

Please tell us some more detail about your session.

This stunning bridal boudoir session allows us to catch a glimpse into the private, quiet moments of a bride as she escapes to the canyon for a moment of self-reflection. She ruminates in a beautiful stillness of anticipation, with nothing but her bouquet and a love letter in hand. With the natural light on her face, our bride allows herself to surrender to the canyon and feel a sense of peace.

Tell us why the session took place in this location.

Georgia is a lovely state, full of beautiful trees and secret coves like this quiet canyon that was the perfect fit for this session.

What is your approach to boudoir photography?

My approach to boudoir photography is to capture the woman in front of my camera as she is. To keep everything as natural and unique as she is, while encouraging her to love her whole self without doubt.

Boudoir imagery is powerful. How do you see it positively impacting women?

Boudoir in itself can be terrifying if you have never experienced it before. I believe that openly discussing boudoir and embracing other women no matter where they come from, their shape, size, hair color, the amount of freckles and scars we are all beautiful.

Photographer: Jesseca Coppedge // Floral Design: Brooke Anderson // Lingerie: Veronica Sheaffer // Calligraphy: Kirsten Eike