Ellen-color-49 Lauren Dremby of Lauren Renee Designs has shared with us this beautifully simple tribute to the bare human form. We are true advocates to simplicity and minimums. There is a fine line that is drawn between pure and tasteful, and too much shown. Lauren has perfectly tiptoed the line, allowing us to have a look at the God-given form of females everywhere, and maintaining the dignity of modesty.

"My motto for boudoir is always that less is more. A woman's body is so beautiful, and while lingerie can enhance a session, once we got down to bare bones (literally and figuratively), is when the magic truly happened! The shoot took place at a studio that was bare (pun intended), expect for the bed and sheets that we used as props. I wanted the environment to be clean and simple so it did not detract from the images."

"My approach is to have fun and to not over complicate things. The ultimate goal is to make my client feel as comfortable as they can in from of my camera. Making boudoir photography tasteful and classy is very challenging. You are sometimes dealing with a nude model and posing them correctly is so important. Not only should the poses be flattering on a woman's figure, but it should also leave just enough for the imagination. Riding that fine line between showing to much and just enough has been a fun challenge."

Photography: Lauren Renee Designs // Hair and Makeup: Hannah Conard Beauty // Flowers: The Farmer's Daughter Flowers // Lingerie: Nordstrom // Shoes: Me Too