THREE TIPS TO A SUCCESSFUL OUTDOOR BOUDOIR SESSION --- guest post by jillian rose photography


Outdoor boudoir sessions will always hold a special place in our hearts. It allows vulnerability, trust, and the feeling of being one with our mother nature. We love to see outdoor boudoir sessions, and we feel as though it is still taboo to do, so we asked Jillian of Jillian Rose Photography to write a guest post on why and how to accomplish an outdoor boudoir session, and her words really resonate with us. Read on to see what she advises.


Mention the words "boudoir session" to a bride and they cringe and pull back with a look of terror.  The very meaning of boudoir photography is

"a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects....", 

For a lot of women, the idea of exposing themselves au naturel is beyond insanely uncomfortable.  Add the fact that they are revealing themselves to a stranger with a camera and the anxiety is, well, frightening.

When it comes to exposed, naked, or ris·qué poses, women tend to feel self-conscious and are quite adept at focusing on their flaws rather than appreciate the beauty of their unique figures.  For women, there is always something that can be improved upon.

My goal when shooting a boudoir session is to help my client appreciate the allure they possess and encourage them to not only  celebrate their individuality, their curves, their nuances, but to relax, appreciate the beauty that they have and to have fun.

Why outdoors?

Inspiration for an outdoor boudoir session came to me while on a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I realized that the coastal sage scrub, the chaparral, and the hiking trails shaded by gnarled oak trees,  was the perfect backdrop for natural light photography.  When suggested, and with some prompting, my client was excited to move the boudoir session from the studio to the outdoors.

How to prepare for a session in an uncontrolled non-studio setting.  

While shooting on a Saturday may not have been ideal, what with some light traffic on the trail, it added to the titillation of expressing oneself au naturel.   Being prepared with a comfy robe for quick cover up helped to quell the bashfulness.

Communication is key!

What made the shoot a success was clear communication with the client.  We conferred and collaborated on all matters that might arise and developed a back up plan should she become too uncomfortable with the setting.  It was important that she feel safe, sexy, and that it was a fun experience.

As is evident in the film images, this boudoir session shot in a natural environment with the subtle colors and the filtered light of the golden hour, captured the essence of the beauty in this extraordinary lady.



Photography: Jillian Rose Photography // HMUA: All Tressed Up // Lingerie: Free People & Nordstrom