Our Mission


Boudoir Collective is a unique publication that celebrates diversity and women in different stages of their lives through sensibly crafted fine art photography. We wholeheartedly believe that boudoir photography is an empowering medium that beautifully highlights intimacy, elegance and feminism in its most delicate form.

As the first publication solely invested in reinventing the way boudoir imagery is often portrayed, we feature artists that are passionate about their craft and our mission.

We are a place of community where enlightenment, authentic work, and meaningful stories are at our core.

Meet our team

Maritza - Founding Editor

Maritza is a photographer, strategist, and diversity advocate. Passionate about encouraging body positivity and empowering artists to seek this in their work. Maritza leads strategy and operations while overseeing editorials, partnerships, and publishing for Boudoir Collective.

Hannah - Editor-in-Chief

Hannah is a photographer, stylist, and dreamer. She loves to aid women in finding their true intrinsic value, creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for all. Hannah oversees the journal and other creative aspects of Boudoir Collective.